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          Fruehauf in your town

          Fruehauf is always close to you. It is playing an active role in various places in your town.

          従業員紹介 Logistics Facilities Convenience Store Harbor Home Delivery Service

          • Convenience Store

            Fruehauf's truck bodies are also actively working at convenience stores near you. They frequently deliver lunchboxes, beverages, ice cream, sundry goods, and a wide variety of products.

          • Home Delivery Service

            Today's logistics, where products you ordered on the Internet are delivered immediately, has been made possible by a high degree of efficiency. Fruehauf also plays a part in such efficiency.

          • Logistics Facilities

            Trucks from all over the country gather at large distribution facilities. We are proud to have the top market share as a truck body manufacturer, so many of our truck bodies are actively working.

          • Harbor

            Ferry transport is also effective in reducing CO2 emissions. Container transport is used for export and import. Fruehauf is playing an active role not only with its truck bodies but also its vehicles (trailers).

          • At Other Places

            Our products are also used in a variety of places outside the city, such as expandable containers used to support disaster-stricken areas, tailgate lifters that help save labor in cargo handling (loading and unloading), and the PCS containers required at solar power plants.