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          Corporate Information

          Fruehauf's Roses

          "Enrich the plant." This thought brought brightness to a colorless plant. It was born in 1979 from the wish of Mr. Mikizo Sato, the managing director at that time. The Rose Viewing Party, which can be said to be the corporate culture of Nippon Fruehauf, is held every year. More than 1,000 roses in the plant are actually planted by employees, adding beautiful color to the plant grounds through a process of trial and error in arrangement and training. Please come to the next Rose Viewing Party, scheduled for May.
          (The date of the Viewing Party will be announced separately. )

          Fruehauf's Roses

          Information on the 2020 Rose Viewing Party

          The contents are only available in Japanese.

          Virtual Rose Viewing Party

          We are pleased to announce the opening of the Virtual Rose Viewing Party to bring a healing to local residents, logistics workers, and drivers. Our roses are growing with care this year, and thanks to you, they are in full bloom. We are very sorry that you will not be able to enjoy the fragrance of the roses, but we hope you will enjoy the roses with video and music.

          Contributing to the local community

          We are engaged in a wide range of activities including community contributions and environmental activities through the Rose Viewing Party.