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          After-Sales Service

          Repair, Maintenance, and Customization

          Providing total support from repair work to modification and maintenance.

          Nippon Fruehauf supports our customers with safe, secure, and high efficient transport. We offer a variety of services to continuously create added value by supporting the lifecycle of our products, from purchase, through the use process, to scrapping and dismantling.
          The contents are only available in Japanese.

          • Repair

            For repairs for accidents and failures, we provide genuine reliable repairs that only the manufacturer can do.


          • Customization

            ●Customization of finished cars
            We can customize a manufacturer's standard truck body to your preferred specifications.

            ●Attachment of tailgates and other equipment
            We can newly install tailgates, refrigerators, floor conveyors, and other equipment on the body

            ●Body replacement work
            We can replace the body with a new one.

            ●Restoration work
            We can restore degraded functions and appearance to the greatest extent possible.


          • Customization of manufacturer's standard truck body

            We can customize a manufacturer's manufacturer's standard truck body according to your request, such as attaching stainless steel specification parts or attaching side bumpers to the rear overhang. We also undertake heavy construction work, such as cab painting and installation of floor conveyors and tailgates.
            Please order our manufacturer-quality safe and secure customization provided by our directly managed plants.

            Customization of manufacturer's standard truck body

          • Replacement work

            If you want to replace the chassis with a new one and reuse the body (box), please leave it to us. We can also install tailgates at the same time. Please order genuine manufacturer's maintenance for safety and security. Please feel free to contact the nearest branches or sales offices for details as construction may or may not be possible because of legal requirements.

            Replacement work

          For any questions or consultation about after-sales services,
          please contact the nearest sales bases.
          Click here for "Service Bases." Click here for "Inquiry."

          Before using our products Click here for "Instruction Manuals."