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          After-Sales Service

          Our Support System

          Our Support System

          Our Support System

          To ensure that our customers can use our products safely and securely, we have established a service system consisting of seven directly managed plants and more than 200 designated service plants throughout Japan.
          Service representatives at each location connect customers with the plants to ensure a reliable support system with quick supply of parts.
          We are also working to improve our services by establishing a customer inquiry desk as described below.

          Our Support System
        1. Response to inquiries

          Response to inquiries

          Customer consultation and repair inquiries will be responded quickly by the Customer Service Front Group or the nearest sales bases, and parts inquiries by the Parts Center.

        2. Daily Inspection
          --To ensure safe and secure use--

          For safe and secure use, please perform daily inspections before starting operation.
          The contents are only available in Japanese.

          *Click on the images below to enlarge.

          • Daily inspection of wing trucks
          • Daily inspection of insulated trucks
          Daily inspection of tailgate lifters
          Daily inspection of trailers
        3. Source: Japan Auto-Body Industries Association Inc.


          Daily inspection of trailers

          Operation methods and daily inspection of Full Gate-Master

          For any questions or consultation about after-sales services,
          please contact us by email.
          Click here for "Service Bases." Click here for "Inquiry."