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          Reliable product manufacturing
          --Providing a sense of security for customers--

          To ensure that our customers use our products safely, we are working with all departments to build a system that does not produce, does not make, and cannot make defective products, which are the basics of quality.

          Reliable product manufacturing--Providing a sense of security for customers--

          To ensure quality

          To ensure quality

          The new inspection station, which started operation in January 2015, has been equipped with two-pillar vehicle lifters and 3D measuring machines. In particular, we were the first private company to introduce 3D measuring machines identical to those used at vehicle inspection facilities in Japan, and these machines have been playing a major role in improving measurement accuracy.
          We have also introduced tablet-based digital inspection to facilitate data analysis, which has led to more improvements.

          All the workers are inspectors.

          All the workers are inspectors.

          We conduct quality training sessions for on-site workers and inspectors. We are actively carrying out activities to prevent defects on the production line by explaining the quality points that are difficult to convey in classroom lectures using samples of actual products so that assembly workers learn more about product knowledge, inspection standards, and safety standards.

          Fiscal year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
          Number of participants 107 423 260 280 272 249 238 271 240 197

          *FY 2020 figures are as of March.