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          Light-Duty Sandwich Panel Refrigerated Truck

          Reefer_Ace G Series

          Temperature-Controlled Vehicle

          Major cargo and purpose: Temperature-controlled transport of chilled and refrigerated products

          Reefer_Ace G Series

          Reefer_Ace G Series

          • The weight is reduced by approximately 95 kg compared to the conventional model. The weight has been thoroughly reduced by using wood-free flooring, core-free door materials, lighter air rigs, and aluminum rear door hinges.
          • Wood-free flooring, rear doors, and side doors are adopted to achieve environmental friendliness.
          • The truck has a stylish appearance. Rivet covers are used on the side rails (upper and lower parts) and other parts. The body appearance is made stylish.
          • Airtightness is improved. The door gasket has been improved to increase airtightness.
          • The outer plate is made of non-chrome colored aluminum. The insulation material is non-fluorocarbon polystyrene foam.
          • Antibacterial color aluminum is used for the inner plate. It is clean, stain and order resistant, and easy to clean.

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