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          Full Gate-Master Ⅲ R58-03 Compatible Model

          Safe and secure even at night! Equipped with LED line lights!
          An optional floor lamp can be used together.

          Labor saving equipment

          Full Gate-Master III (TLH) backs up laborsaving and efficiency of cargo handling work. Now you have the fruits of Fruehauf technology

          Offering a beautiful appearance as well as weight reduction, safety, and ease of use.

          • New floor plate
            The plate has a clean and beautiful appearance with no welded parts. Repair and maintenance performance has been improved.
          • Floor guard
            Equipped with a resin floor guard as standard! It protects the ground surface.
          • Slow stop function for standing storage (Auto Turn)
            Soft and quiet operation is achieved by reducing the speed just before standing storage.
          • Equipped with low noise power pack
            You can operate without care, even in residential areas at night or early in the morning.
            [Rising sound at 1,000 kg load]
            43 dB/(at 6.5 m), 52 dB/(at 1.0 m)
          • Supporting the use of small caster dollies
            The gap between the body floor surface and the floor is minimized so that a dolly with small casters (diameter: 25 mm) can pass through smoothly.
          • Slow stop function when the plate rises (optional)
            This function decelerates the speed just before the plate reaches the highest point and reduces the arm's impact noise hitting the stopper.