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          Flow from Business Negotiation to Delivery

          To ensure your satisfaction

          1Business Negotiation

          Our product manufacturing starts with the question to our customers, "What do you want to transport and how?" We will be happy to respond to your requests with our specific know-how through abundant experience, so please feel free to contact us.

          1 Business Negotiation

          2Development and Design

          Our development engineers, who have been taking on the challenge of newer features and more advanced performance, are involved in development. You can combine vehicles with a wide range of options in addition to a variety of body variations. Our design engineers create perfect vehicles to meet your needs.

          2 Development and Design<

          3Offering high-precision products with craftsmanship

          The accuracy of each component, the skill of the workers, and the accumulation of these factors improve the accuracy of products. We put all of our passion for manufacturing and our master's skills into a series of processes, including machining, welding, painting, and assembly.

          3 Offering high-precision products with craftsmanship

          4We will meet your growing expectations.

          The performance required for transport equipment is increasing over time. To always respond to our customers' requests for not only strength, but also durability, temperature retention performance, and running performance, we repeatedly conduct performance tests from all angles to verify safety and quality.

          4 We will meet your growing expectations.

          5Protecting the security of customers

          We perform inspection at each production line, and also conduct thorough checks before delivery to maintain high quality.

          5 Protecting the security of customers

          6Completion and delivery

          We wholeheartedly stand by your precious products until after-sales service.

          6 Completion and delivery